Captive Technologies FreeFlow Tubing Connector Swivel

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Captive Technologies FreeFlow Tubing Connector Swivel

The FreeFlow Tubing Connectors are a popular choice among oxygen system users because they remove restrictions and enhance the performance of your oxygen supply. There are four unique yet beneficial Tubing Connectors available. They are all made from a latex-free material called polypropylene. This material is resilient to damage and is flexible to move with you instead of against you.

The swivel models offer 360-degree rotation. This mobility prevents the tube from knotting, kinking, and tangling. It is a simple alteration to the design that drastically enhances the performance and lifespan of your oxygen cylinder accessories.

Swivel models offer full mobility and security to prevent twisting and knots in the tube.


  • Brand: Captive Technologies
  • Product Type: FreeFlow Tubing Connector
  • Plastic Components: Medical Grade Polypropylene
  • Swivel: Male to Female
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