Captive Technologies Neb Tidy Tubing Air Supply Coil

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Captive Technologies Neb Tidy Tubing Air Supply Coil

The Neb Tidy Tubing Coiled Air Supply Hose is intended to be used along with nebulizers to safely administer medication to the lungs. The 5-inch long tube is coiled with a memory retaining construction so the cord never tangles or knots. In addition to self-storing, it is also self-storing to return to the original shape and extend the lifespan of the assistive device. It is made of polyurethane, which is a latex-free material for the health and safety of any user.

The Neb Tidy Tubing Coiled Air Supply Hose is a quiet, clear-colored, odorless, and smooth attachment for your nebulizer. This helpful product assists you in better providing medication from your nebulizer to yourself, patient, or loved one. It is intentionally designed to retract the cord after use. After the cord is stretched out for delivering medicine, it will retract on its own and return to the coiled shape.

It is great for delivering asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and other respiratory conditions. All individual coils in varying quantities or kits are 5-inches in length. They are all made from latex-free polyurethane for your general health and safety.


  • Self-retracting coil prevents tangled equipment for an organized life
  • Coiled design returns to shape to enhance the longevity of your equipment
  • Makes operating and cleanup much easier
  • Ideal for delivering medicine through your nebulizer
  • Clear, quiet and odorless construction creates a relaxing atmosphere


  • 5-inch Tidy Tubing coil
  • A mouthpiece
  • Universal T piece
  • A 6-inch reservoir tube


  • Brand: Captive Technologies
  • Product Type: Neb Tidy Tubing
  • Material: Medical Grade Polyurethane
  • Tube Net Weight: 2.3-oz
  • Dimensions: 3/16 ID; 5/16 OD; 1/8 Wall Thickness of Tubing
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