Captive Technologies RingMaster CPAP Tubing Strap w/Swivel Clip

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Captive Technologies RingMaster CPAP Tubing Strap w/Swivel Clip

Our smart little RingMaster acts like a lion tamer when it comes to CPAP hoses. Rumpled bedding and the circular grooves of a CPAP hose can lead to irritating and unwanted wake-up calls. Fortunately, now there's Ringmaster a nifty little hook-and-loop strap that neatly encircles the CPAP hose and has a swivel clip. The swivel helps to keep the hose positioned so that it doesn't tug on your mask when you change positions during sleep. Clip attaches easily to PJs, sheets, blankets, or pillows, and the loop works just as nicely on a covered hose. Comes two to the pack.

The RingMaster by Captive Technologies utilizes durable Velcro and rotating clips to secure your CPAP or O2 hose to your clothes, sheets, or pillows as you sleep. By securing it to the fabrics, your hose will not become entangled around your body as you try and sleep restfully. It is available in 2 or 12 packs. Each pack contains 2 individual RingMaster hose attachments.


  • Velcro strap fits most sized CPAP and O2 hoses
  • Clips swivel for mobility and a free range of motion
  • Secures your hose to any thin material for a restful, unobtrusive nights rest
  • Secure clips and Velcro hold strong for reliable use
  • Manage and organize oxygen tubing for a clutter-free life


  • Brand: Captive Technologies
  • Product Type: RingMaster
  • Quantity: Each pack contains 2 straps. There are Quantities of 2 and 12 packs

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