DREAMPACK-200 (Respironics Dreamstation CPAP DSX200T11 w/ carrying case, Mask of Your Choice, 2 add'l tubes, 6 extra filters and bedside organizer)

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  • Dreamstation CPAP DSX200T11 bundle
  • Dreamstation CPAP DSX200T11 bundle
  • Dreamstation CPAP DSX200T11 bundle
  • Dreamstation CPAP DSX200T11 bundle
  • Dreamstation CPAP DSX200T11 bundle


Dream Pack 200 -

Sweet dreams start with the DreamStation Auto CPAP. Available in bundles and kits on our site, the DreamStation lets users dream big with its various functions, capabilities and portable options. Philips Respironics designed this CPAP machine with a Heated Humidifier, easily accessible water chamber and interchangeable SD cards. The sleek, modern design is small and light, making it a great fit on your nightstand and even your travel bag! The DreamStation CPAP Machine is a superior entry level fixed-pressure machine which takes fixed pressure CPAP therapy to another level at an exceptional bargain price. It's like a dream come true!

This special bundle package includes the charming carrying case, a handy bedside organizer and a fitted mask of your choice. There are also 6 additional disposable filters provided, which are a fundamental part of your CPAP equipment. Providing cleaner and fresher air flow, our CPAP filters  remove irritating dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke particles from your CPAP.

Remember to take the necessary steps to keep your air clean and replace filters every month (30 days). If the product is reusable, be sure to clean them thoroughly and properly, replacing them when needed, damaged or discoloration occurs. Various filters have longer lifespans and may be only compatible with certain brands. For specific filter details, please call us.

  • DreamStation CPAP DSX200T11 w/HT humidifier (optional to use), Heated tube, Water chamber, and SD card
  • Mask of Your Choice
  • 2 Non-heated Tubes by NoInsMed - MPN: APAR008TUB06-2 - UPC: 848530082352
  • 6 Additional Disposable Filters by NoInsMed - MPN: APAR008CF1010 - UPC: 848530084615
  • 1 Bedside Organizer and 1 Carrying Case for device and peripherals


*A prescription is required to purchase this product.

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